About us
About Us

We are an IT company that is resident in Vellinge and Malmö – Sweden, we perform most of our mission in the Öresund region, but also has projects in other parts of the country, Denmark and Norway, mainly in Oslo.

We are a company with a wide expertise and work exclusively with green IT, ie. with energy-efficient solutions. We like to use Remote Support to save the environment for transport and we use local companies as it benefits the environment.


Kifarkis NetSecurity MSET started their business in 2002. The company was founded by a consultant with extensive experience in data communications and infrastructure mainly in Microsoft environments.


Kifarkis NetSecurity MSET is a service company, we want to offer a good computing environment and because the computer is your main tool we will show how to use the tool so that you work more cost effectively.
With a focus on IT infrastructure and through efficiency through application-, client-and server virtualization. We are engaged in services such as counseling, IT strategies, project management, design, implementation, validation, operation and maintenance. We provide the customer with high competence and technical expertise.

Streamline and use IT so that we can show the customer that they can feel the economic benefits of using us and their IT equipment in the best way.

Kifarkis NetSecurity MSET always strive for long-term relationships because it gives our customers maximum impact of their business focus.