We know that a proper system of documentation is required, we comply with all requirements and regulations.

Our system is completely digital and is designed to meet Part 11 requirements because we use proven building blocks.

We offer Exchange services in both dedicated and virtual environments.
We take full responsibility for our Hosted Exchange and for the operation of your Exchange Environment
Plenty of space,in various steps and at affordable rates. Virus protection, spam filters, daily backup is included.

Exchange is the obvious choice for many companies.

We can install and configure SharePoint solutions for you in our virtual servers / dedicated servers or in your own environment. SharePoint Server hosted by us at our datacenter or in your serverhall.

SharePoint with unlimited number of users and sub-sites that fits all from small organizations to multinational companies. Make the work easy and use a Document Management System or a project portal

Pairing Electronic and Digital Signatures together combines a Legally binding evidence.

A Digital & Electronic Signature that is designed to meet the requirements for CFR Part 11, we use proven building blocks.

You do not have to buy licenses, you can actually hiring them, then you will also get the latest version when it becomes available to a lesser price.

Put your servers in our Server racks, you can rent 1U to a full rack.

Web, linux or exchange email and databases with extra everything. Domain name and DNS hosting Choose freely from Nordic, European and international domain names like .se, .com, .nu and many more. You get what you want.

Self-managed server, you get all the computing power for own applications. We can manage your applications if you like.

Own virtual server, share the hardware cost with others. Grow when the need is increasing. Managed by yourselves or by us.

High Capacity Download for streaming media and files for download. High speed with maximum availability.

Complete backup of everything from individual servers to entire data centers. Manages of course e-mail and databases and encryption in two steps.

Complete backup of workstations, laptops and home office. Encryption in two steps for maximum security.

Do you need storagespace in the cloud? We have capacity from 1Gb to 50Tb. Pure data storage with access from anywhere and anytime.