Remote Storage

Remote Storage

Online Storage – Storagespace in the Cloud.

Do you need harddrive space in the cloud with capacity from 1Gb to
Then our Online Storage service with access via FTP or WebDAV is the right
thing for you. It works with all operating systems. Suitable in situations
where data need to be temporarily stored, retained or assigned.

service right to the task.

That it is difficult to
send large files by e-mail all knows, this is where
our Online Storage shall be used. The service also works as a complement to
traditional backup or archiving, but with significantly better access.

Whether you intend to share data within a workgroup or archive files our
service Online Storage is the solution. The smaller the steps of Online
Storage can be effectively used to give more people access to work
materials, such as pictures, drawings, etc. The major steps can be used to
archive large quantity of data.

Problems with sharing large amounts of data between Windows, Mac and Linux
are thus absent.

Safe and secure

All data is backed up
daily to at least another geographical.


We also recommend High Capacity downloads for
scenarios where the need to
transmit more data at high speed during peak per