Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Mset helps companies work smarter, safer and more mobile by offering advanced hosting services.

E-mail is one of the most important corporate functions, it cannot fail.The demands for increased accessibility, more advanced functionality and more secure solutions increases and more people are choosing to let the experts take care of critical server services or enviroments .

Exchange is now the obvious choice for many companies. Hosted Exchange with us means that we take full responsibility for the operation of your Exchange environment and you only pay a flat fee per account and month.

Improve information flow in your business

With Microsoft Hosted Exchange, we can provide you with a market leading solution, where you will use modern technology to improve the flow of your business.

With Hosted Exchange, we give you the opportunity to share e-mail, contacts and calendars with others, no matter where you are.

MSET will always offers the latest technology for this. Included are, of course, virus protection, spam filtering (antispam) and daily backup, that you will not pay extra for.

Of course you get Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook Enturage if you order the premium account.

More storagespace and market prices

We provides mail boxes from 250MB up to 10Gb, which we believe to be alone to provide. In fact, it is twice as much as most of our competitors offer. The generous space has not prevented us from striving for the lowest prices.

Manage everything from one control panel

SharePoint sites and users are created, like everything else, directly from our customer portal. Of course, everything is ready for use directly, quickly and easily. Even the DNS records are created automatically.

Several levels and unique opportunities

Hosted Exchange is available in several levels, depending on what you need. The Lowest level Basic provides access via POP and web while in other levels, the user can also connect with MAPI (Outlook Anywhere). You can of course change level of a user for the best fit.

Automatic configuration, fast and easy

We have adapted our environments so that it should be easy to use, no weird files or configurations you must install. You only have to use a user name and password to connect to your our servers.


Shared mailboxes : Share your inbox with a single mouse click!

  • Respond to an absent employee’s e-mail from Outlook
  • Give your employees access parts of your inbox
  • Search for messages throughout your company
  • Create common email addresses that all can share
  • Shared Calendars : Save time with shared calendars within your company

  • Schedule meetings for you and your employees
  • Make sure the participants are free or busy
  • Book equipment, such as portable projectors and digital cameras
  • Scheduling recurring tasks and meetings
  • Shared Contacts : You are always updated with the latest contact information

  • Create a shared address book that everyone in your company can see
  • Give your employees access to your contacts
  • View an employee’s contacts
  • Create distribution lists for internal use in your business
  • Public Folders : Save files to be accessible to the entire company

  • Save specific incoming mail to a special folder
  • Have a place to document that all can share
  • Create a common calendar for example Birthdays
  • Post photos from recent kick off / Office Party