Remote Backup

Remote Backup is a backup service on the Internet that you can grow with.
The Backup solution works and is also fully automatic. You cannot not miss a backup of important data.

There are two types of users: those who have lost data and those who will lose data.

20% of all laptop fails during the first three years, only 4% of all laptops have some kind of backup (Gartner Group).

Installation in less than 5 minutes

All you have to do is install MSET backup client and create a selection. After that everything runs automatic but you can easily make manual backups when needed. You can easily create Backup Accounts in our customer portal and they can be used directly. The installation of the client software can of course be made without the need to restart your computer.

Solution for all types of servers, workstations and Laptops

Simply back up files only is often not enough on a server.

Included in our service is storage space and a backup client with support for all common email systems and databases. Of course there is also support for backing up open files using the Shadow Copies (Volume Shadow Copy).

This service allows you to backup Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and even System State (Active Directory, etc.). This is of course at no extra cost.

Easy to use

Client software installed on your computer is designed to be simple and intuitive. This means that the first thing you encounter when the program starts are two large buttons with Backup and Restore. Once set what you want to backup it will handle itself.

More advanced settings for encryption, the number of days that data is stored, filtering, and more selection can be done to.

On a server the client software is installed quick and easy without the need for rebooting. This makes it possible to use the Remote Backup Server on servers that are in full operation, without interference. The entire installation process, including selection and scheduling, taking less than five minutes.

All reports are stored in the backup software but also verified by the backup server which will send them by e-mail. This means that you cannot miss a backup that does not complete successfully.

Encryption in two stages for maximum security

Your data is always encrypted in your own computer for safety reasons. The transfer is made with another form of encryption to MSETs own data centers. The data stored by us on MSET is then encrypted and can only be read with your own encryption key.

Backup on backup

Of course we have a backup of the backup. All data is replicated continuously to at least another geographical location.

Scalable and automatically without investment

Remote Backup Server Service is completely automated which means you do not have to think about things like tape exchanges and investment in hardware. To scale storage space up and down is easily made and directly in the customer portal, providing a tremendous simplicity and a service that you can grow with.