Electronic Laboratory Notebook


Electronic Laboratory Notebook


Many still operate in the physical documentation binders. But today there are digital systems that work just as well if not better, and eliminates the need for physical filing cabinets and storage spaces.

If you are using a document management system, you are not far from having your own digital Laboratory Notebook. We set up the solution to you in your own environment or in our virtual environments.

Our system is completely digital and is designed to meet all GMP and Part 11 requirements because we use proven building blocks such as Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office in the bottom, these systems will also remain on the market in 10 years.

We can help you set up a custom system to suit your needs, at a very cheap price compared to the finished systems on the market. We know that a proper system of documentation is required, we comply with all requirements and regulations. We use the dual approval “and two digital signatures for each document to be approved.

Building blocks, the techniqe

As the spine, we use Microsoft products, it means that we have stable building blocks which will be in a long time to come. As the foundation is the system on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 and the spider in the web is SharePoint 2010. This can also easily be lifted to the next generation of these series.

The user interface is Internet Explorer on the SharePoint Portal and Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebook, we use often of Adobe Acrobat to digitally sign documents.

ROI – Return Of Invest

Create conditions for a common place where you gather all the information in your company or organization. By creating a natural gathering place you in a structured way will access and maintain control of all information.

Through the built-in functionality in SharePoint, you can create the document templates, enable versioning of files or creating pre-defined workflows anspassade for your work.

ROI – Return Of Invest is usually directly on the year number two.

Our System Suits Everyone

By purchasing a commercial ELN and adapt it to your needs, you will spend more money than if you use our Electronic Laboratory Notebook.

Why not leverage your existing investments in hardware and software you already have today, and easily “tailor” an ELN that meets your specific needs?

Save time, money and resources as a result of this!

Our system fits all from one user to 500.

Templates in multiple languages

Ready-made templates in multiple languages. You will recive the full range of Microsoft’s application templates for Hosted SharePoint. This allows you to quickly get started and meet a specific need.

Manage everything from one portal

SharePoint sites and users are created, like everything else, directly from our customer portal. Of course everything is ready to use directly, quickly and easily. Even the DNS records are created automatically.

We are experienced and know what it takes. Use us, you will gain!

If you want to know more contact us for a non-binding talks.

References are given where appropriate.

We at Kifarkis Network Security SAAS would like to show and offer you a very affordable ELN system